What we do

Minerva provides marine fuels expertise and solutions that power our customers’ fleets efficiently, cost effectively, and safely. We do this via a dedicated team that ensures reliability of service and transparency of product via;

  • Our integrated physical supply and delivery network
  • Global bunker trading
  • Bespoke client solutions
  • Dedicated bunkering logistics
  • Technology enablement
  • Environmental solutions

Our relentless customer focus means we offer bespoke and flexible services to help manage financial and operational risk. Our customers understand that risk is a part of their business. But when it comes to fueling their fleets, we provide the certainty they need.

Integrated physical supply

Full control of the molecules along our integrated physical supply chain

We supply refined marine fuels and gasoil to vessels including container ships, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, oil tankers, and ferries, both in port and at sea.

Minerva has the most powerful integrated supply chain in the bunkering industry. We move more than 35 million tonnes of fuel and gasoil annually, sourced from a diverse global system that includes a proprietary blending network, tolling production, exclusive refinery offtake agreements, and spot cargo trading. We supply fuel at a lower all-in cost, with flexibility and minimal financial and performance risk.

We ensure appropriate specification and high-quality standards of fuel. We maintain control over the fuel in each of our operating locations, from the refinery gate through the customer ship flange. And quality is always paramount. The fuel we deliver to our customers’ fleets is the same that powers our own.

  • We stand behind the quality of our products and services.
  • We are organized to mitigate the risk along the value chain.
  • We act as principals and are a trusted counterpart to our customers.

Global bunker trading

Global and local expertise available 24/7 for our customers

Thanks to our large trading network, we can source cargoes all over the world. Our teams have both global and local expertise and are available 24/7 to service customers’ needs wherever they are. 

We meet customer demand for on-spec product in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. We deliver the upmost quality and ensure that our products meet the latest standards and quality required.

We are fully integrated with Mercuria Group, one of the world’s largest energy traders, giving Minerva access to  a wide range of competitive products.

We source from:

  • Refineries
  • Traders
  • Other oil producers

We trade fuel grades:

  • High-sulphur fuel oil
  • Low-sulphur fuel oil
  • Marine gasoil

We have access through:

  • Long term commercial arrangements
  • Tolling production
  • Spot cargoes

Bespoke client solutions

With over 600 customers and more than 1000 counterparty relationships, Minerva is a truly global force.

We can support our customers locally wherever they operate by combining unmatched local service with our dense global network.

The fuel procurement needs of modern ship owners are increasingly complex. Minerva meets these demands by going beyond its core bunkering capability to offer financial, operational and environmental solutions.

We can lower our customers’ costs and risks by providing bespoke pricing and risk management. Ship owners can price bunkers at a fixed price or floating to an index, and with multi-port lifting optionality. We can also offer valuable operational flexibility, lower basis risk, and lower cost by intermediating our customers’ bunker needs between physical and financial markets.

We offer attractive, flexible financing options to our customers, including working capital and risk management solutions, capital financing for equipment or fleet management. We also design tailored credit terms. We can also provide scrubber packages where we supply the equipment, term supply contracts for high-sulphur fuel, and hedging to protect the price spread between high and low sulphur fuels.

Minerva offers large customers dedicated logistics packages in which the customer has full transparency and control over cargo sourcing, storage, and delivery of fuel to their vessels.

Dedicated bunkering logistics

Quality and flexibility for our customers with our extensive portfolio of fixed assets

Minerva operates a large fleet of bunkering vessels which allows us to own, control and offer full transparency for the delivery of fuel to our customers’ vessels. MM Marine is our fully owned fleet management subsidiary, responsible for chartering and operations as well as Health Safety Quality & Environment, technical, crewing and purchasing aspects.

We provide optimized tankers for bunkering operations. Our fleet is operated to the highest standards of maintenance and safety by our in-house fleet management division. To learn more about our fleet, visit MM Marine.

Owning your own terminals is critical to ensure the quality and the flexibility of our delivery operations. Thanks to these terminals, we can offer a large range of options to our customers. Geographical and timing flexibility.

Technology enablement

Advanced metering, blockchain applications and smart contracts

Modern bunkering is more than just supplying fuel and Minerva is deploying technology to leading the bunkering industry’s evolution to meet modern shipping needs.

The Advanced Delivery Platform (ADP) is an innovative solution comprised of integrated hardware and software that provides a completely transparent and efficient bunker delivery service, reducing cost and risk for customers.

The ADP is available to all customers and offers ship operators complete transparency over the quality and quantity of fuel they purchase combined with the efficiency and significant time savings of a fully digital bunkering process. The integrated hardware and software solution facilitates seamless operations on-board and provides insight into all attributes of the bunkering transaction, viewable in real-time and from anywhere via the ADP Online customer portal.

Increasing the efficiency of marine transport can help reduce emissions. Blockchain technology can help digitize procedures and sharing of data, increasing efficiency and giving greater supply chain visibility. The use of smart contracts increases operational efficiency and reduces the changes of paperwork errors. Using automation can streamline work processes and simplify verifications of sanctions and filings on vessels and counterparties. Compliance is also enhanced as document are submitted automatically and audit trails maintained on the blockchain.

Environmental solutions

Helping our customers minimize their impact on the world

With the evolving environmental regulations and the transition to lower carbon intensity, it can be difficult for ship owners to manage their environmental impact. There are many ways in which Minerva helps customers, for example, we can provide slops collection services compliant with MARPOL Annex I and offer long-term LNG bunker supply agreements.

Our global client base of ship owners and operators is increasingly seeking to reduce the emissions intensity of their operations as well as provide carbon-neutral freight services to their own customers. Minerva is committed to accelerating the industry’s transition to a low carbon future, and by leveraging Mercuria’s expertise in emissions trading, we are able to offer customers carbon offsetting to mitigate carbon emissions associated with the bunker fuel they consume.

In order to really make substantial changes to protect our oceans, we need to fully understand the impact that different factors have on them. As such, we are proud to be contributing emissions data from the Minerva fleet to the Ocean Data Platform initiative.