Who we are

We provide energy to marine vessels around the world

Minerva is one of the world’s largest bunker fuel suppliers, marketing and supplying fuels and lubricants to ships in port and at sea, covering more than 150 ports worldwide. Operating from hubs in Geneva, Athens, New York, Singapore, Antwerp and Las Palmas, we serve customers around the globe with efficient, transparent, and environmentally responsible marine fuel solutions.

We procure in bulk from diverse sources and deliver to more than 600 customers from all major commercial shipping sectors. Minerva has an annual physical delivery capacity of over 25 million tonnes and offers unrivalled capabilities, service and financial strength.

We operate one of the world’s largest and most modern fleets of high specification bunkering tankers through our shipping arm, MM Marine.


Key facts

Financial strength and stability
Harnessing the full potential of the technology that transforms our industry
Customized service
Invested in advanced metering, blockchain applications and smart contracts for greater transaction transparency and security

Key figures

700+ employees
$1 billion of investment

Vision & mission

Shaping the future of bunkering

Our vision is to offer our customers more than just molecules. We are shaping the future of bunkering by leading the sector’s modernization to become a more consistent, diversified and stronger industry.

Modern bunkering is more than just supplying fuel. Minerva is leading the evolution of the bunkering industry to meet modern shipping needs.

Our mission is to ensure that maritime shippers get more from their bunker supplier than just delivery. As technology continues to transform our industry, we are committed to harnessing its full potential. Our investments in advanced metering, blockchain applications and smart contracts offer enhanced transparency and security in marine fuel transactions.

We offer our customers value, transparency, flexibility and reliability through a modern logistics portfolio, integrated supply chain, dense global delivery network and technology-enabled solutions.

We do this every day by leveraging:

  • Our global portfolio of assets
  • Extensive capability and broad expertise
  • The network and financial strength of the Mercuria Energy Group
This is the future of bunkering.


Our employees are our greatest asset

One of the most valuable characteristics of the Minerva workforce is its diversity. Our team of more than 700 employees on board our fleets and in commercial hubs around the globe is diverse in its nationality, geography, culture, education and work experience. 

We lean on our people. On our vessels, our people are key to the 24/7 activities and ensure things happen safely and efficiently. They are our supply chain. Our people have extensive capabilities and the average employee has more than eighteen years of direct industry experience. We have dedicated teams covering all aspects of the value chain from business development, sales and cargo trading to risk management, operations and middle and back-office. It is this backbone of human support that ensures our customers get the best possible service and solutions that they need.

Through our MM Marine subsidiary, we have a dedicated fleet management company that operates a wide range of modern bunkering vessels. The team has a commitment to safety, environmental protection, efficiency and reliability. The organization has an integrated approach to ship management that covers Health Safety Quality & Environment, crewing, maintenance, procurement, technical support operations and vessel chartering.

Similarly, our Marine Oil Terminal subsidiary manages all aspects of our terminal operations including constructing and operating product storage facilities that have connections to local port infrastructure.


Working at Minerva is a dynamic and rewarding experience

The Minerva culture is entrepreneurial while being rigorous and highly disciplined. We evolve in a constantly changing environment and our people anticipate the new dynamics of the global bunkering market.

Our approach is founded in teamwork but we also recognize individual contribution. We empower our employees and encourage people to make decisions and be responsible for their outcomes.

We welcome new talents and specialized skill sets that can add value to Minerva’s goals. If you are interested in opportunities at Minerva, follow us on LinkedIn and contact us.

Mercuria subsidiary

Minerva Bunkering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercuria Energy Group

Mercuria is one of the world’s largest privately-held energy and commodities companies, with a global network across more than 50 countries.

Minerva started business in 2014 as a natural extension of Mercuria’s oil-products focus. Since then, we have steadily expanded our reach and capabilities, investing over $1 billion to create the industry’s largest portfolio of fixed assets dedicated to bunkering; in particular the landmark acquisition of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network in 2019.

We are able to leverage Mercuria’s global reach, rigorous in-house risk management expertise, financial strength and trading operations with extensive physical supply capabilities to help make us one of the industry’s most creditworthy counter-parties.

Minerva Bunkering started in 2014 as a natural extension of the oil-products focus within Mercuria. Since then, we have invested $1 billion to create the industry’s largest portfolio of fixed assets dedicated to bunkering. Minerva has steadily expanded its reach and capabilities, particularly through the landmark 2019 acquisition of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc.

Mercuria has consistently been one of the world’s largest traders of fuel and middle distillates, annually sourcing and trading more than 50 million tonnes in every major supply basin. By combining this extensive cargo sourcing system with a global physical delivery network, we have created the most powerful integrated supply chain in the bunkering industry.


Key facts

Backed by Mercuria, the global energy & commodities group
Works under Mercuria’s compliance standards
Supported by Mercuria’s risk management structure.
Financed under Mercuria credit facilities
Integrated into global oil products trading
i-sma-tailored packages
Benefits from Mercuria's expertise in structuring tailor-made solutions